Monday, January 26, 2009

The Lives of Others

Original name: Das Leben Der Anderen

Written and directed :Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

It is a 2006 released German film.The film is plotting the times of Germany divided in to East and West with Berlin wall.The film treats a completely political situaton with the intensity and power of Film as an art.

The film is about Georg Dreyman, a play-wright, who keeps liberal visions on freedom.The film seriously discusses the personal freedom issues under the leftist government.It symbolizes similar issues that is happening all over the world.The whole life of Dreyman,every inch of it including his sexuality,is under surveillence of government secret agency and is wiretapped.They're trying hard to find a clue to arrest Dreyman.The minister is particularly interested in Dreyman's wife Christa-Maria Sieland, a gorgeous actress.The lead role is by the wire taping agent who is seen very humane in the film.He finds the hidden interest of the minister and is pity about Dreyman.So he tries to help Dreyman out of the situation by giving false news to the authorities.So the authorities could not arrest Dreyman and as a consequence,the agent is put to a very lower grade post in the department.Dreyman was completely unknown about this wiretapping till the Berlin wall collapsed.When he comes to know of it,he writes a book dedicating it to the agent who helped him saving his life.

So the film as a whole is political,but shows the vice and virtues of humanity and raises a big question of freedom of expression and personal life.It won the Academy Awards for the best foreign language film in 2007.The actor in leading role as the secret agent is Ulrich Mühe who is very very brilliant in his sublime acting skills.He unfortunately died of stomach cancer in 2007.He received Best actor award for he same film in 2007 in Germany.I suggest all to watch the film.I guarantee it will not be boring.

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mathew said...

have u seen Good Bye Lenin!..its an amazing german set in the backdrop of reunification of germany.