Monday, February 23, 2009


"I remain dumb without a song
Because the blood is all way long...!
Sights are crying aloud about
Shadows beyond dark night out...!
Dreams are traveling worlds so far,
Where I'm free from every sour,
Where distance ends in distance again
And meadows lead to worlds only mine...!

Finding my way,Fighting for it,
Losing sometimes to take revenge through victories...!
Loud laughters and silent tears,
Lots shared with friends and a li'l kept inside,
I know the way is long and hard
Ends only when myself lost into You...!
I'm free here keeping memories beside,
I'm free here keeping moments shared,
I'm alone,but I've your vibrant voice
I breathe in deep,but the fragrance is Yours...!
My heart throbs,but each time on your name...!
I sought You so far,
And found you so close....
So close to me....
My Soul...!

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sreejith said...

So close to me....
My Soul...!